How Long Will My Asphalt Driveway Last?

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A fresh asphalt driveway can instantly boost the appeal of any property. Asphalt is affordable and durable as well, so it’s a good choice for paving your drive. Still, you’re a little concerned about the cost.

Will you get your money’s worth out of an asphalt driveway or will it quickly fall apart?

How Long Asphalt Can Last

A brand-new asphalt driveway should last you at least 20 years. With proper care and maintenance, it could serve you well for over 30 years! However, an asphalt overlay put down on top of an existing paved surface may only last up to 15 years. Continue reading “How Long Will My Asphalt Driveway Last?” »

Do You Have a Pavement Maintenance Plan?

Your paved driveway or parking lot is a valuable investment. You want to protect that feature to keep your home or business safe and tidy. Not to mention, losing track of time for upkeep will just mean that all of your hard work has gone to waste.

How can you get the most out of your paved surface? It helps to have a pavement maintenance plan!

What’s Involved in Parking Lot Maintenance?

Heavy traffic, weather, and the effects of time lead to wear and tear on your paved surface. But by following a routine maintenance strategy, you can make the most of your parking lot or driveway. Continue reading “Do You Have a Pavement Maintenance Plan?” »

How to Choose the Right Paving Company

You’d like to have a new paved driveway, walkway, or parking lot. But you want to make sure the job gets done right the first time. Fixing mistakes made in haste can be costlier than laying down the surface correctly from the start.

How do you find the right paving professional for the job?

Consider a few tips before you sign any contracts.

Be Wary of Last-Minute “Specials”

Some paving contractors will show up in a neighborhood with materials “leftover” from another job. They’ll offer to do your driveway at a generously discounted rate just to use up the material they have. Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Paving Company” »

How to Clean Your Catch Basin

The catch basin on your property may easily get clogged up with debris after a storm rolls through. Keeping the basin clear will help avoid jammed pipes down the line and will allow excess water to drain away. Continue reading “How to Clean Your Catch Basin” »

3 Benefits of Maintaining Clear Striping on Your Business Parking Lot

When you’re a busy company with a hundred things to worry about every day, the paint on your parking lot may be the least of your concerns.

So why should you pay so much attention to the surface of your parking lot?

Here are three benefits to maintaining clear striping and signage. Continue reading “3 Benefits of Maintaining Clear Striping on Your Business Parking Lot” »

What You Can Do to Maintain Your Concrete

To make your concrete surface last as long as possible and save money, follow these four steps.

Use a sealer. Sealing the concrete surface aids in repelling water and preventing stain absorption.

Clean your concrete at least once a year. Your concrete contractor can help recommend the right cleaning process for your concrete.

Remove gas, oil, and grease as soon as possible. Sometimes a simple pressure wash with water is all that is needed. For a deeper cleaning, though, consider using cleaning chemicals. Alkaline cleaners are usually recommended for removing grease and oil. Hot water helps lift oil from concrete and can be combined with an alkaline cleansers for a more thorough cleaning. Continue reading “What You Can Do to Maintain Your Concrete” »

How to Clean Up Gas and Oil Stains from Asphalt

You probably paved your driveway or parking lot to make it kinder to vehicles, but it’s thanks to vehicles that driveways and parking lots take such a beating!

It’s not unusual for a leaky car to spend time on your driveway at some point.

Or perhaps it was an at-home repair gone wrong. Continue reading “How to Clean Up Gas and Oil Stains from Asphalt” »

Signs of Water Damage to Your Asphalt Parking Lot or Driveway

After experiencing some heavy rains and possibly flooding, many businesses and homeowners in the Ft. Lauderdale area are worried about their paved surfaces.

Paving is a significant investment so it can be a real financial blow to lose your driveway or parking lot to water damage.

Here are some of the signs that your asphalt isn’t holding up well to water exposure. Continue reading “Signs of Water Damage to Your Asphalt Parking Lot or Driveway” »

Swimming Pool Deck Safety

A concrete deck around your in ground pool will last a long time. It’s easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about weeds growing in. Concrete provides a level surface for lounge chairs, tables, and even grills, if your deck extends into an entertainment patio.

But concrete also poses a danger: it can get quite slippery when wet.

How can you keep your poolside concrete surfaces safe? Continue reading “Swimming Pool Deck Safety” »

When is the Best Time to Pave a Driveway?

Laying down new asphalt or concrete can be a weather-sensitive project.

When is the right time to pave if you live in Florida?

Florida Climate and Paving

Our state is subtropical and tends to be very humid. We get lots of rain between May and October, so those months may not be ideal for planning a major project. Continue reading “When is the Best Time to Pave a Driveway?” »

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