Can I Just Resurface My Parking Lot?

Over time, all blacktops need maintenance. There’s no question of if, but when. You’re concerned with keeping your pavement looking a nice as possible for as long as possible without breaking the bank.

So when your parking lot starts looking need of a little TLC, you want a cost-effective solution. It doesn’t seem reasonable to just redo the whole thing.

Will a little resurfacing be enough?

U.S. Pave, Ft. Lauderdale’s knowledgeable team of asphalt and concrete services, encourages folks to think about the following before making a decision.

How Is Your Sub-Grade?

If you’ve never heard that before, the sub-grade is the layer beneath the blacktop. It provides the foundation for your parking lot, so no matter what you do to the pavement, it’ll only be as good as the sub-grade that’s below it.

U.S. Pave experts can help you check your sub-grade if you’re not sure of its condition.

If your sub-grade is in good shape, then resurfacing may be an efficient and cost-effective repair. But there’s no use patching over a badly worn sub-grade.

Lasting Pavement Solution

A pavement resurfacing (also called overlay) might last up to 10 years. But completely replacing your parking lot could buy you up to 25 years. It’s going to be up to you to do the math.

At U.S. Pave, we encourage customers to think about where they will see the most savings. Multiple resurfacing and patch jobs could drain your funds faster than the very rare pavement reconstruction. Although replacing a parking lot may sound expensive, it could actually save you more.

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