Can You Fix Your Driveway With a Fresh Overlay?

In some cases, it’s possible to just put down a fresh thin layer of asphal right on top of an existing layer to restore it. This is called an overlay. It might sound like a simple solution, but it’s not best one in each situation.

How Does Overlay Work?
An overlay is not quite the same as a full pavement repair. It shouldn’t be done at all in cases where the asphalt needs true repair or complete replacement. An overlay is more of a refresher for a paved surface that’s already in good shape.

This is what happens when overlaying asphalt.First, the surface is levelled with a milling process and cleaned up. This helps create an even surface to work with. Next, a binding agent is placed to help the new layer adhere. Finally, the fresh asphalt goes on top.

Does My Driveway Qualify For An Overlay?
The main thing about an overlay is that it needs a base which is already structurally-sound to begin with. An overlay will extend the life of and strengthen existing asphalt, but it can’t make up for any deficiencies.

Before your driveway can be overlaid, it needs to be assessed for soundness. Things like potholes will undermine its strength. If it’s determined that your original asphalt has deteriorated because of poor subgrade support, then you will be much better off just placing a brand-new driveway altogether.

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