How to Clean Your Catch Basin

The catch basin on your property may easily get clogged up with debris after a storm rolls through. Keeping the basin clear will help avoid jammed pipes down the line and will allow excess water to drain away.

When to Clean a Catch Basin

Inspect the basin a couple of times each year. You want to take care of it if it’s anywhere from one-third to halfway full. So if your catch basin fills up frequently, it may need two or even three cleanings on an annual basis.

Catch Basin Cleaning

A team of professionals can service your catch basin by opening it up, pumping out water, removing debris, and even pressure cleaning the tank. This is likely to be the safest and most efficient way to clean your equipment, as it’s something we do on a routine basis.

Alternatively, you can try cleaning it on your own. Check your local ordinances to make sure it’s safe to do so.

Never leave an open grate unattended. After opening the cover, remove excess water in buckets and dispose of it down a sink or toilet. Next, remove solid debris by hand with a shovel. Then dispose of it in garbage bags.

Maintaining Your Catch Basin

You can avoid those in-depth cleaning procedures by keeping your catch basin in good repair right from the start. Remove solid debris around and just inside the grate as soon as it collects. Consider installing a catch filter. Avoid parking vehicles over it as well.

A Broward County concrete repair service like U.S. Pave can help you maintain the structure of your catch basin. Call us if you notice any signs of basin failure or deterioration.

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