How to Fill Potholes

If you find missing chunks of asphalt that are at least two inches deep, then you have a genuine pothole problem.

Potholes usually form as a result of water seeping under the asphalt or simply from the lack of a base material. Water gets in if your asphalt is not properly sealed.
At this point, however, it’s too late to worry about that – you’ve got a project on your hands.

How To Repair A Pothole Yourself

For an average pothole of about a foot in diameter and about four inches deep, you would need 50-60 pounds of cold patch asphalt repair material. This just gives you an idea of the materials involved.

  • Check the depth of the pothole. If the hole goes deeper than the base of the asphalt, then you’ll need to fill it partway up with sand or gravel.
  • Heat the asphalt around the hole with a flame torch. This facilitates bonding and will make your repair job last longer.
  • Pour in the aggregate until it just overflows the hole. Scrape it smooth and tamp it down, quickly adding more aggregate mix as needed so that it all sets up at the same time. The longer and harder you can pack down the mix, the better it will hold up.

Professional Help For Pothole Repair

Sometimes, however, just filling a pothole isn’t enough. You may actually need to cut out material before you can patch it.

Sound like a lot of work?

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