Maintaining Your New Asphalt

There’s something so satisfying about seeing that tidy sea of freshly laid asphalt. How do you keep your newly paved parking lot or driveway looking this sharp?

Over time, intense sunshine will cause the blacktop to oxidize, creating small cracks in the binding material. Left unkept, these cracks can soon harbor water and weeds which make them widen even more. Before you know it, you’ve got a patch of new potholes in your beautiful asphalt.

Tread Carefully

Your new asphalt or freshly-sealed blacktop is prone to damage. In the wake of an oil or fuel spill, absorb the fluid as quickly as possible with some kitty litter. Do not allow any heavy vehicles onto the area. Avoid turning your car tires when your car isn’t in motion as this can cause scuffing. If you do end up with a few marks, don’t worry; these usually fade with time.

Inspect Regularly

Check your parking lot on a regular basis to look for signs of hairline cracks. These can often be treated with a simple sealer. If the crack is larger than 1/8 of an inch, then you’ll need to clean it out, fill it, and patch it. Asphalt sealing and patching compounds are available at your local hardware store.

Big Job on Your Hands?

If you’re unsure of how to patch your asphalt or have a lot of cracks to fill, then you could use the help of the experts. U.S. Pave has the tools and materials not available at do-it-yourself stores. With years of experience in paving Florida’s finest establishments, U.S. Pave is your go-to for all your asphalt questions. Contact us today for a quote!

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