School Parking Lot Repairs

Ft. Lauderdale FL Parking Lot Repairs

Do parents complain about the pot holes in your school pick-up line? Are your teachers dodging craters in the parking lot when they’re making their way to class every morning?

Heavily traveled zones like school parking lots are often one of the most common areas for pot holes and worn asphalt to rear their ugly head. At U.S. Pave, our asphalt experts work with your school district maintenance department or facility managers to identify the sources and problems causing the issues in your lot’s problem areas.

Unwanted Swimming Holes

Has a heavy rain flushed out a patched-up area that another asphalt repair company tried to help you with? U.S. Pave offers emergency repairs for private and public schools or other educational institutions. Whether it needs to be completely repaired, or just address specific potholes – we’re your one stop shop for fast help!

One way to fix your school parking lot is to have specific areas resurfaced with an overlay. This involves laying additional asphalt over what is already there. There’s no need to dig out everything and start over. However, you will need to have the area assessed for drainage, as the grade will change. Parking lot resurfacing is a cost-savvy option if your school funds do not permit completely removing and relaying a new parking lot as part of the district’s budget.

U.S. Pave in Fort Lauderdale is happy to provide schools with a complimentary estimate on their parking lot repairs. Please call us directly to have us arrange a meeting with your district’s maintenance personnel to determine the most efficient and budget-friendly solution to your parking lot woes. Your students, parents, and staff will thank you!

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