Sealcoating Your Driveway or Parking Lot

What is sealcoating? It’s a protective measure that helps you guard your parking lot or drive against everyday exposures like sun damage, water seepage, or oil/gas leaks. Residential and business owners who sealcoat their asphalt tend to see their areas last 50% longer than asphalt that isn’t sealcoated on a routine basis.

Most developers will need to have sealcoat applied within the first 12 months of having their lot paved. Don’t worry…U.S. Pave will schedule the maintenance to be done around your business’ schedule. The area being sealed will need to be protected from traffic for at least 1-2 days and planned around the weather, of course!

If you have any areas with cracks or potholes, those need to be repaired well before we can seal them. That’s because it can take several months for the filler to cure, and sealing over it too soon could cause the pothole repair to fail.

Some homeowners reseal their asphalt driveways themselves, but others find it’s easier and more efficient to have it done quickly (and always correctly!) by a professional like the team at U.S. Pave.

How Often Should I Get My Parking Lot Sealcoated?

Most businesses find that it’s effective to have their parking lots treated with a sealcoating about every three years. If you have extreme weather conditions like flooding or uncommonly high summer temperatures, you may need to have the area sealed every two years. This measure helps to protect your traffic areas and reduce the need for extra repairs in the future.

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