Swimming Pool Deck Safety

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A concrete deck around your in ground pool will last a long time. It’s easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about weeds growing in. Concrete provides a level surface for lounge chairs, tables, and even grills, if your deck extends into an entertainment patio.

But concrete also poses a danger: it can get quite slippery when wet.

How can you keep your poolside concrete surfaces safe?

Gate Your Pool

Many tragic accidents happen when small children wander close to a pool edge and fall in while no one is there to help them. Gating your pool area securely will ensure that no accidental slips happen without a capable person present.

Cover Your Pool

A solid cover doesn’t just keep your pool clean – it could save a life in the event someone does accidentally fall into the water.

Keep Walkways Clear and Dry

After a splashy pool party, your paved walkways could become treacherously slick. Make sure your concrete areas are designed for adequate runoff and go out there with a push broom to help clear them faster.

Have a No-Running Policy

This is an important one for the kids. Running on a slippery concrete surface is a recipe for trouble.

Choose the Right Concrete Surface

Most importantly of all, you’ll want to install a concrete with as much of a non-slip surface as possible.

You could achieve this in a few ways:

  • Pave with a concrete that has an exposed aggregate finish for bumpier texture
  • Mix plastic grit into the sealer so wet feet get more of a grip
  • Choose a textured overlay

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