U.S. Pave Can Help Keep Your Parking Lot Up to Code in Coral Springs, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

Ft. Lauderdale FL Parking Lot Repairs

Is your parking lot in compliance with area ordinances?
Many aren’t, according to their city’s requirements, and several cities and municipalities are now requiring area businesses and properties to bring their parking lots up to code.

This could mean fixing broken or damaged signage, correcting errors in striping, making sure lots meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act, and other general repairs.

Don’t risk being fined and cited.

From permitting to work completion, inspection and maintenance, U.S. Pave can help you bring your parking in compliance with your city or municipality.

Signage and Striping
The trusted and trained experts at U.S. Pave can install and apply the proper parking lot signage and striping, keeping you ADA compliant, while promoting safety and convenience in your lot. Correct striping and signage also creates a safer, more clear parking environment for you patrons and customers. It improves the overall appearance of your lot, and can also help increase parking lot efficiency during your business’s busiest hours.

Maintenance and Repairs
U.S. Pave offers cost-effective maintenance and repair services, including crack sealing, seal coating, asphalt patching and pothole repair to help reduce liability for your business, enhance the visual appeal of your lot, and keep your parking lot safety compliant for all of your customers and clients.

Call U.S. Pave today to schedule an on-site visit and receive your free estimate! We look forward to helping bring you up to code.

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