What You Can Do to Maintain Your Concrete

To make your concrete surface last as long as possible and save money, follow these four steps.

Use a sealer. Sealing the concrete surface aids in repelling water and preventing stain absorption.

Clean your concrete at least once a year. Your concrete contractor can help recommend the right cleaning process for your concrete.

Remove gas, oil, and grease as soon as possible. Sometimes a simple pressure wash with water is all that is needed. For a deeper cleaning, though, consider using cleaning chemicals. Alkaline cleaners are usually recommended for removing grease and oil. Hot water helps lift oil from concrete and can be combined with an alkaline cleansers for a more thorough cleaning.

Oxidation cleaners are an alternative chemical cleaner to help get rid of certain specific stains (pet urine and other protein-based stains, for example). Choosing oxidation cleaners is a simple way to clean concrete since they require minimal effort on your part – usually they can be placed on the affected area and don’t need to be washed away afterwards. Be patient when using these types of cleaners – they may require up to a few weeks to get the job done.

Schedule regular maintenance and repair. Pay attention to signs of cracks and deterioration. If water seeps into these areas, it can cause damage to the underlying substrate. Compromised areas in concrete should be found, removed, and replaced as soon as possible so as to prevent long-term damage (and more expensive repairs).

If you’re in South Florida and need help maintaining your concrete, be sure to call U.S. Pave. We offer affordable concrete and asphalt maintenance plans to help keep your surface safe and beautiful.

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